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Futaba T14SG 2,4 GHz Fasst + R7008SB radiolaite

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Futaba T14SG 2,4 GHz Fasst + R7008SB radiolaite


550,00 EUR

Osamaksulla 25.92 €/kk (24 kk)


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  • Futaba T14SG 2,4 GHz Fasst + R7008SB radiolaite

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Futaba T14SG 2,4 GHz Fasst + R7008SB radiolaite

FASSTest tech. Flybarless gyro support. S.Bus programmability. Telemetry.
The 14SG has it all. . . and more!
Futaba proudly introduces the 14SG, the only 14-channel system with revolutionary 2.4GHz FASSTest technology. It's also compatible with Futaba FASST and S-FHSS protocols, so you can fly with virtually any 2.4GHz air receiver Futaba produces.

About the 14SG:

  • Channels: 12 proportional, 2 switched
  • Compatible with FASSTest, FASST and S-FHSS protocols
  • FASSTest telemetry - compatible with Futaba telemetry sensors (sold separately)
  • Free user-updatable software
  • 30-model memory
  • 10-character user naming
  • 10-character model naming
  • Airplane, helicopter and glider programming
  • Large, 1.75" x 3" backlit LCD screen with 128 x 64 resolution
  • SensorTouch™ programming
  • SD Card compatibility for external model memory and software updates (SD: 32MB-2GB; SDHC 4GB-32GB)
  • Left and right assignable slider switches
  • Two assignable rotary knobs
  • Six assignable three-position switches
  • One assignable momentary two-position switch
  • One assignable two-position switch
  • Comfortable rubber grips on the sides and back
  • Wide top switch spacing
  • Adjustable stick tension
  • Dual ball bearing gimbals
  • 4 vibration warning types
  • Home/Exit; User Menu/Servo Monitor buttons
  • Audio earphone jack (for telemetry alarms)
  • 6V 1800mAh NiMH battery pack
  • User stick calibration
  • Trainer system
  • Servo speed adjust
  • 5 programmable mixes
  • V-tail, Ailvator, winglet, motor mixing
  • Trim mix
  • Logic switch (condition switch only)
  • Internal programmer for S.Bus servos
  • User menu
  • Servo monitor (neutral and moving tests)
  • 2 count up/countdown timers
  • Integral timer
  • Model timer
  • Quick model select
Airplane Features
  • 7 different wing types
  • 3 different tail types
  • 2 different rudder types
  • Flap setting menu
  • Differential ailerons
  • Aileron to camber flap mixing
  • Aileron to brake flap mixing
  • Aileron to rudder mixing
  • Rudder to aileron mixing
  • Rudder to elevator mixing
  • Camber mixing
  • Elevator to camber mixing
  • Camber flap to elevator mixing
  • Snap roll mixing
  • Airbrake mixing
  • V-Tail mixing
  • Ailvator
  • Winglet
  • Motor mixing
  • Fuel mixture mixing (single and twin)
  • Gyro mixing
  • Throttle curve (5-point)
  • Pitch curve (5-point)
  • Idle down
Helicopter Features
  • 6 swash plate types
  • Pitch/throttle curves (5-point)
  • Throttle hold
  • Swash mix
  • Throttle mix
  • Pitch to rudder mixing
  • Fuel mixture
  • Gyro (Flybarless support)
  • Governor (700-3500 rpm)
  • Hover pitch
  • Hover throttle
  • High/low pitch
  • Swash AFR
  • Swash setting (mixing rate, linkage compensation, speed compensation)
  • Swash ring (electronic)
  • Throttle cut
Glider Features
  • 11 different wing types
  • 3 different tail types
  • 2 different rudder types
  • Flap setting menu
  • Differential ailerons
  • Aileron to camber flap mixing
  • Aileron to brake flap mixing
  • Aileron to rudder mixing
  • Rudder to aileron mixing
  • Rudder to elevator mixing
  • Camber mixing
  • Elevator to camber mixing
  • Camber flap to elevator mixing
  • Butterfly mixing
  • Butterfly to elevator mixing


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    An incredibly sophisticated 18-channel marvel, the 18SZ is perfect for pro pilots and weekend wingers alike. It offers flights conditions, in addition, to many of the functions and features of top-of-the-line systems at an affordable price.

    Leading off its list of features is full telemetry function. The 18SZ is set up to receive temperature, RPM, altitude, GPS, voltage, current, and data logging telemetry information, keeping you more tightly riveted to your aircraft than ever before. And, its intuitive full touchscreen display and long battery life make it the radio every serious pilot needs at the field.

    4.3 inch full-color fast-processing touch LCD screen for quick, clear data viewing and menu surfing
    8 full conditions to customize every flight to your flying situation
    Telemetry temperature, RPM, altitude, GPS, voltage, current, and data logging to keep you more connected to your model than ever before
    Expandable, 30-model internal memory to save your settings for all your aircraft
    6.6V 2100mAh LiFe battery for 7 to 8 hours of flight time
    Telemetry voice messages keep you up to date on your plane's vital statistics
    User-updateable software lets you keep your radio cutting edge
    2 side levers, 6 digital trims, 8 toggle switches to accommodate every function you can dream up
    Quad bearing stick assemblies
    Speaker and earphone jack for audible telemetry announcements
    Trainer and S.BUS ports
    Data editor S.BUS programming
    15 character user naming and model naming
    Sub trims
    Servo reversing
    End point adjustment
    Data resets
    ◾Battery fail safe
    Servo speed adjustment
    AFR D/R
    AFR curve mode (3)
    AFR curve point (17 points)
    Programmable mixing (10 circuits per condition)
    Throttle cut
    Idle down
    Logic switch
    User menu
    Servo monitor
    Up/down timer (2)
    System timer
    Model timer
    Throttle stick alarm
    Rubber hand grips
    Backlight adjustment
    Alarm voltage
    Alarm vibrator
    Auto power off
    Range check
    Dual receiver set up

    Airplane features:
    13 wing types
    3 tail types
    2 rudder types
    Flap setting
    Aileron differential
    Aileron to camber flap mix
    Aileron to brake flap mix
    Aileron to rudder mix
    Airbrake to elevator mix
    Rudder to aileron mix
    Rudder to elevator mix
    Camber mix
    Elevator to camber mix
    Camber flap to elevator mix
    Snap roll
    Airbrake mix
    V tail
    Motor mix
    Gyro sensor

    3 wing types
    3 tail types
    2 rudder types
    Flap setting
    Aileron differential
    Aileron to camber flap mix
    Aileron to brake flap mix
    Aileron to rudder mix
    Rudder to aileron mix
    Airbrake to elevator mix
    Camber mix
    Elevator to camber mix
    Camber flap to elevator mix
    Butterfly mixing
    Butterfly to elevator
    Trim mix 1
    Trim mix 2
    Motor mix

    Helicopter Features:
    8 swash types
    Pitch/throttle curve
    Pitch/throttle curve mode (3)
    17 point pitch/throttle curve
    Throttle hold
    Swash mixing
    Throttle mixing
    Pitch to needle mixing
    Pitch to rudder mixing
    Gyro sensor (3)
    Condition hold
    Hovering pitch
    Hovering throttle
    Swash AFR
    Swash setting
    Swash ring
    Throttle limiter


    T18SZ transmitter
    R7008SB Receiver
    6.6V LiFe battery
    Switch harness
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Futaba t10js+r3008sb

349,00 EUR

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Futaban viimmeisin uutuus!!

The 10J has it all!

Futaba consistently delivers the very best radios and the 10J is no exception. Its full list of features is below, but here are a few of the best: 10 channels, telemetry capable, fully programmable and user updateable. The functions can be assigned to a multitude sticks, switches, knobs and levers. The telemetry data can be viewed on the backlit LCD screen and audibly reported through headphones. Three buttons and a jog dial make it exceptionally easy to program. Plus, it's light weight, easy to handle and equipped with an astonishing 30 model memory. Updating is simple, so your transmitter will never be out of date.

All those features and more are included in a radio that's also the first to have multi-rotor helicopter programming. It's perfect for a whole host of applications: Airplane, helicopter, glider and multi-rotor menus are all included.

Even with all its features, the Futaba 10J is still the most inexpensive telemetry enabled radio system on the planet. It's priced right for a first time radio, but packed with so many features pros will love it as well.

When you're ready for a radio that can fly anything, comes packed with features and includes a powerful telemetry-enabled receiver, pick up the Futaba 10J. You'll be glad you did.

System Features:
•Futaba T-FHSS, S-FHSS 2.4GHz security
•Airplane, heli, glider and multi-rotor software
•30-model memory
•S.Bus capable T-FHSS receiver
•Synthesized voice for telemetry data
•Vibration alerts for alarm conditions and low battery
•User-updatable software (requires optional CIU-2 interface)
•Wireless data transfer among 10J transmitters
•Built-in S.Bus programming link for S.Bus servos
•10-character model and user naming
•Large (128 x 64 dot) backlit LCD display
•10 channels (one variable knob, five 2-position switches, two 3-position switches, one momentary switch, two digital levers)
•Built-in diversity antenna
•Jog dial and 3 buttons for fast, easy programming
•Sub-trim and fail-safe (all channels)
•Servo reversing, endpoint adjustment, digital trims, dual rates/exponential* & ATL
•Trim step adjustability
•Trainer system
•Throttle cut
•2 count-up/-down timers + integrated timer
•Model timer
•Range check mode
•Servo cycle w/bar graph displays
•Assignable switch/lever/functions (Ch. 5-10)

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